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While bumpers might seem like ordinary car accessories, they actually play an important role. Bumpers are essential because, in low-speed collisions, they absorb that impact which protects your vehicle. As such, they should always be repaired as soon as they’re damaged. Car owners looking for a bumper repair shop in Greensboro NC can get quality services at Aycock Frame & Body Shop.

What is the Use of Car Bumpers?

Car bumpers provide a measure of protection to the rest of the vehicle during collisions. Bumpers are usually made of metal, plastic, and rubber components that absorb shock, thereby reducing the effect of a crash. In that way, they minimize the damage that happens to various parts of the vehicle, such as the grille, exhaust, and hood. Bumpers also cover the car’s interior frame.

Reasons to Get Your Bumper Repaired

If your bumper gets damaged, you should have it repaired as soon as possible because:

  • A damaged bumper may leave some parts of the car exposed, making them susceptible to damage by weather elements. The parts include the cooling system, headlights, and grille. Without a bumper protecting these components, they can easily suffer damage, which could lead to costly repairs.
  • You might want to sell your car at some point. Every little scratch to your vehicle will make it lose value. That is why it pays to have any damage, no matter how minor, repaired as soon as you can. Maintaining your vehicle will help it have a higher resale value.
  • During a collision, a damaged bumper will offer little to no protection. It’s, therefore, vital to always keep your car’s bumper in its best condition.
  • Repairing your bumper ensures that in case of an accident, your insurance company won’t refuse to pay the claims you deserve on the basis that your ruined bumper was the cause of extensive car body damages.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Bumper?

While repairing your bumper is enough, there are times you may need to get a replacement. Here are some scenarios where getting a new bumper is a better option:

  • The Bumper is Cracked – A mechanic can fix cracks on your bumper using applicable methods such as fiberglass. However, large cracks tend to affect the structural integrity of the bumper even after it has been repaired. The large cracks reduce the bumper’s strength, making it incapable of withstanding impact as it ought to during an accident. Hence, in such a situation, it’s best to purchase a new bumper.
  • Damaged Hooks – Hooks attach your bumper to the body of the car, helping it to stay in place. If the hooks break or become loose, your bumper can fall at any point, which is a safety hazard while driving. Broken hooks cannot be repaired, which means you have to buy a new bumper.

The Best Bumper Repair in Town

If you need a bumper repair shop in Greensboro NC, Aycock Body & Frame Shop is here for you. We are always ready to come and get your car for repairs as soon as an accident occurs. Call us today on (336) 272-1313 for prompt services.

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