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Many wall tents Edmonton are composed of inferior materials and produced in a “cheap-to-produce” manner. Some wall tents are built overseas with less expensive materials, which can result in a shorter life expectancy. In contrast, other wall tents are manufactured inexpensively to maximize profit, sacrificing the life of the wall tent and long-term customer satisfaction. At Airdrie Canvas, we feel that a wall tent is a huge investment that will reward our customers with several years of enjoyment.


Tent design requires extensive research. While a tent may appear attractive on paper, it may not withstand field use and weather conditions. At Airdrie Canvas, we regularly evaluate our wall tents for sale in the field where our clients will use them. Every component of our tents is tested for durability, strength, and ease of use to ensure that our customers have the most outstanding quality in the field, where it truly counts. We understand the consumer’s need to feel safe, secure, warm, and comfortable when outside weather is less than ideal.


When searching for canvas wall tents, consider the size of your company and whether you need extra space for more guests, gear, or dogs. However, keep in mind that no industry standard determines per-person tent measurements. Our essential advice for evaluating the capacity ratings of a wall tent is to assume a tight fit. If you want your tent to have additional space, you should consider increasing the tent capacity by one person, especially if you or your typical companion is big, feel claustrophobic, or are bringing a child.


The usual rule for custom wall tents’ weight is that heavier canvas provides better sun protection and strength. Thicker canvas is also more durable and tear-resistant. Canvas fabric’s tensile strength is measured in ounces per square yard, with 10.1 oz/sq. Yd is the most popular type. This is sufficient for occasional summer use. If you intend to camp for several weeks or in freezing weather, consider a canvas thicker than 10.1oz.


The grade and type of materials used in making walled tents are critical and the most expensive component of the tent. Lower-grade cloth results in a flimsy tent with less water, mildew resistance, and a shorter life expectancy. Be wary if the fabric is finished overseas because the quality of the cloth is inconsistent and frequently has faults that will cause difficulties later in the tent’s life. Always inquire where the manufacturer obtains their canvas.

Your Wall Tent, Designed Just for You

At Airdrie Canvas, we understand that one wall tent does not fit everyone, so we designed custom-made wall tents that are ideal for you and your requirements. Also, we want our customers to be utterly delighted with their purchase, which is why we place a high value on great design, material quality, and manufacturing perfection. If you have more questions regarding our custom wall tents Edmonton, we are always delighted to assist you in making the best decision when you are ready to buy wall tents.

Wall Tents Edmonton

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