3960 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna BC, V1W 1V5

A Clean Car Is Better Than A Nice Car

Touchless Automatic

A hassle free option
to wash your vehicle
in under 3-5 minutes.

Self-Serve Bays

We are the cheapest self-serve wash in Kelowna, with 4 bays and endless opportunities.

Dog Wash

Our self-serve dog wash is equipped with everything you need to bathe your pet with ease and convenience.

Proudly serving the Okanagan since '05

Make your vehicle feel brand new again with the best self-service and touch-less car wash facility in Kelowna


 Having dedicated self-service detail bays, automated touch-less car wash bays, and interior detailing bays with high powered vacuums you can make your car feel like you just drove it off the dealership lot for the first time

Touchless Car Wash

The touchless car wash at Mission Super Wash provides a meticulous cleaning service that uses high-pressure water jets and detergents, ensuring your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly without any physical contact that could scratch the paint. This method is not only efficient but also gentle on your car, offering a spotless finish in minutes.

  • Utilizes high-pressure water jets and detergents
  • No physical contact with the vehicle to avoid scratches
  • Quick and efficient cleaning process
  • Suitable for various vehicle types, including oversized vehicles
  • Conserves water compared to traditional washing methods
  • Offers complimentary air freshener or cleaning product with every wash
  • Features state-of-the-art sensors for a thorough clean
Self Servce Car Wash
Dog Washing

Your Car Deserves The Best

Wash your car with our
Full Service or Express packages

Freedom's Door Charity & BBQ Carwash

This event supports Freedom's Door, a non-profit organization offering a clean, safe, non-judgemental, supportive environment for men seeking addiction recovery.

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3960 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna BC, V1W 1V5

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